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Twenty years ago I got this idea in a parking lot while sitting in my Kenworth. I started doing some exercises. I found that the adjustable seat and steering wheel was indeed a built in fitness center. It allowed me to do these exercises easily and more efficiently. As I refined some of the exercises it became apparent that not only was I more alert and feeling good but I was losing some weight.

As time went on these exercises became part of trucking with me. I never stopped doing them.
As health issues became more prevalent with truckers, I decided the timing was right to incorporate these exercises, now called “Truckercise”, into a DVD that would benefit all drivers.

I guarantee by making the choice to purchase “Truckercise” the DVD, and incorporating the exercises into your daily routine, will make you feel great!
(ATTENTION: Always check with your Doctor before starting any new regimen of exercises!)

By the way drivers, I am still on the road with the rest of you driving.

I Remain,
Joe Martin(Creator of Truckercise)
For Additional Information Email: truckercise@truckercise.net


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